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We have the perfect apartment for rent for your stay in Germany

You must have read all about Frankfurt, the most beautiful city in Germany which is situated on the river Main. Every year tourists plan visits to this part of Germany. Frankfurt is an attractive destination for tourists as well as for business people. Why? You may wonder. The reason being the yearly trade fair that takes place in Frankfurt, Germany.

The next step that one needs to think about is a place to stay, accommodation. Your relatives or well-wishers cannot offer you living all the time as their apartment may be too small.

The best option would be to rent a townhouse or an apartment in Frankfurt Germany. Furnished townhouses and apartments is something a visitor should think of. City-living.de is into the business of apartment renting. City-Living takes care of all your stay needs, be it a townhouse or an apartment! It offers cosy, roomy and reasonable apartments in Frankfurt, especially in decent areas like Northend, Westend, downtown and Bornheim.

City- Living is not only into the business of offering short term apartments but long term as well. There is a possibility that your business trip may turn into a vacation and you plan to invite your family to join you. Obviously you are thinking of renting a townhouse. Check out City’s townhouses on the web and select one that suits your needs.

Probably we forgot to mention an important advantage of these townhouses and rented apartments. They are completely furnished meaning they have a fitted kitchen with a set of   utensils like chopping board, knives, dishes, pots and pan. Also there is a fridge, toaster, microwave, stove plate, washing machine, as well as DVD and TV in the living room area.

Another major advantage is reduction of commuting hassle. The train station is close from these furnished apartments. Don’t buy a car for your short stay. It makes more sense to travel by bus or train as it proves cheaper and convenient.

The shopping district is also nearby so that solves one more of your worries. City’s apartments and townhouses are located in such a way that they are closer to train stations, shopping malls and business centre.

We welcome a visit to our website www.city-living.de. In addition, you can write to us at info@city-living.de

We hope you make the most of your visit.