• Look at our wide offer of rentals in Fra....

Look at our wide offer of rentals in Frankfurt, Germany-we have the right one for you as well

You want to move to Frankfurt, Germany. You are hunting for a good hotel on the internet but the room rent is too pricey. You are looking for an alternative.

Well, the wait is over. City-Living offers rentals in Frankfurt Germany. They offer well-equipped furnished housing with all basic amenities that one looks for in an apartment.

Yes, we understand you must be full of questions as you had not considered the option of renting an apartment. Don’t worry our website www.city-living.de has all the info you need.

This article covers some basic doubts that you may have:

How can I visit these rooms?

We provide you the opportunity to visit our apartment rooms in advance by a simple mouse click. On our website you can check the availability, select the size, location and price of the room.

As soon as you decide on a couple of flats, we will arrange a viewing. As the holiday season is coming up, our apartment booking is in full swing. So please hurry and provide us your information.

What do I do once I finalize a house for rent?

We need to prepare some documents for the rental agreement hence this requires specific data from you. We are glad you have finalized an apartment. We need your address, telephone number and email address if you are a family renting our apartment. In case you are a business traveller, we request you to enter information regarding your employer. Once we have all these basic details, we will prepare the lease and keep you informed.

Who prepares the lease document?

We have short term leases available for which certain forms need to be filled out. The lease agreement is carried out between the landlord and the tenant in writing prior to the guest’s arrival.

The rental agreement covers important points like lease, rent, deposit, payment, and cancellation, use of the leased property and the return date of the rental apartment.

Do I have to pay any commission fee?

Not at all! That’s the best part of renting with us. You can directly rent a furnished apartment or house from us. There is no broker involved so no brokerage fees. Residential exposés, consultations and home visits are free.

Hope we answered your basic queries. Do write to us at info@city-living.de for more information.

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