• We carry a wide range of corporate housi....

We carry a wide range of corporate housing solutions for any busy professional staying in Frankfurt

The dynamic and attractive city of Frankfurt am Main in Germany, financial capital of the European Union and modern business city, attracts numerous professionals of every field during the whole year. The best answer to the accomodation needs of these professionals certainly is corporate housing. We provide numerous corporate housing solutions in Frankfurt to meet every requirement of traveling businessmen.

Looking to rent an appartment in Frankfurt? Are you more interested in staying at a residence, in a suite, in a serviced apartment or in a townhouse? Or are you simply looking for a way not to give up your homely comfort on a long business trip ? Then we have a simple and effective solution for you! Simply choose between our different corporate housing solutions for rent, which include corporate apartments, residences, serviced apartments, townhouses and suites inFrankfurt. Design your stay in Frankfurt according to your requirements, habits and needs to very competitive prices.

Business trips often mean long working days, stressful meetings, and, depending how far away you are from, coping with jetlag, time difference, a foreign country, culture and language. We know how relieving it is not to have to worry about your accommodation in such a situation, and that is why we offer such a wide variety of corporate housing solutions in Frankfurt.

Are you looking to rent an apartment, a townhouse or a residence in Frankfurt where you can feel entirely at home, and where you can stick with your usual evening rituals and habits? Are you looking for a place where you can relax, entertain yourself and others after a long day or even hold improvised meetings with colleagues to stay on schedule?

Then we have exactly what you need. Our corporate housing facilities in Frankfurt are equipped with one or more bedrooms, a bathroom with a washing machine, a fully equipped kitchen, a living room with complete entertainment units including cable TV, DVD and Hi-Fi players, as well as a desk for busy evenings. Facilities and equipment can vary from one corporate housing to another, but you will always be provided with everything necessary for a comfortable stay in Frankfurt.

Furthermore, our corporate apartments, suites, residences and townhouses are located near to the different transporation axes of Frankfurt, allowing you to reach any part of the city quickly and easily. No matter in which field you work, for how long you are staying in Frankfurt and what requirements you have towards your accomodation, our townhouses, residences, corporate apartments, suites and serviced apartments in Frankfurt will provide the perfect corporate housing solution for you.

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