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We can find you an apartment or any other type of accommodation in Frankfurt-fast and reliable

Folks who come from another city or another country to live in Frankfurt prefer to stay in a hotel. However, if they give it a second thought they will realize that they need not spend so much on a hotel room. Instead they can go for a furnished apartment.

We at City-Living are into the flat rental business. We offer furnished accommodations and that too at reasonable rents. We consider ourselves unique as we do not charge any commission.


Why a furnished apartment with City-Living’s help?

  • A furnished accommodation is very well suited to bridge a short or long period
  • Furnished apartments are usually fully equipped and have a household complete with towels and linens
  • Short term and long term apartments can be customized as per the client’s need
  • All furnished apartments are located in affluent neighbourhoods. If you want a luxurious apartment, we offer furnished apartments in the Nordend, Westend, Bornheim and Downtown areas which are popular for their scenic location
  • All our furnished apartments are close to shopping districts so if you have run out of any grocery item, don’t worry. Grocery stores are nearby
  • Another big advantage is that our furnished accommodations are located in the centre of the city and have convenient transportation

Frankfurt sight-seeing

Sightseeing is an integral part of any visitor in a foreign land. Keeping that in mind, Frankfurthas to offer loads of attractions. Some of them are listed here: Old Opera house, The Roemer (old Frankfurt based council hall), Palmengarten (Palm garden) and Frankfurt Zoo.

Don’t worry about getting to these places from your furnished apartment. Bus and train transportation are excellent.


Some of the FAQ’s by clients

How can I take a look at these furnished accommodations?

It is easy! Just a press of a button and there you will see a list of apartments.

Our website has a comprehensive list of all furnished apartments. You will find 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. You can choose based on your personal and corporate needs.


Can I bring my poodle in the furnished apartment?

Sorry! We do not allow pets! The reason being hygiene, so don’t get us wrong!


Are there any hidden costs that I should know of?

No. Everything is covered in the rent. We do not want to burden you with extra costs. We want you to enjoy your stay with us!

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