• If you are looking to stay in Frankfurt,....

If you are looking to stay in Frankfurt, we can provide the perfect apartment

Frankfurt is gaining popularity at a lightning speed. The city is situated on the banks of River Main in Germany. It is the largest international centre in Europe for business, culture, tourism and education. Other than sightseeing, a lot of people come from every corner of the world to this city to work or study as well. Whether for permanent or temporary period of time, they need to stay somewhere. Hotels are not always the best option in such cases. Hence apartment Frankfurt is what most look out for.

Why do we pride ourselves for being the specialist? Simply because we offer commission-free rental of furnished apartments in Frankfurt am Main. In our fully equipped and comfortably furnished apartments, we offer short-term, high level accommodations in Frankfurt's most popular neighbourhoods. Our modern furnished flats are located in areas of Nordend, Westend, downtown and Bornheim. These apartments are centrally located and have a first class transport link.

People arriving for their jobs in this big city often get lost. Their companies can request for accommodation but it may cost dearly to them and may not be as comfortable as they require as they want to search for apartments that are easily available

Hence it is always advisable to first gather information about the best location and best price of apartment in Frankfurt. We are here to take care of your apartment needs. We will help find the best apartment with the much needed facilities at an affordable price. Don’t bother your friends or relatives for accommodation. We have tailor-made apartments that you will fall in love with.

Our furnished apartments are in a central location, allowing you to be mobile without a car. They are fully furnished and equipped. The kitchen has a stove, refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, electric kettle and a complete household. The living room is equipped with TV, stereo and DVD.

You will hardly find anyone these days relocating with furniture and household items when they move to another city. In many cases you rent an apartment for the first time, which is at least partly furnished. In our case we offer fully furnished apartments. Another advantage of staying in a furnished apartment is that the rental flat consists of several rooms, so that other family members can also stay there.

A visit from friends and acquaintances is welcome. And of course when your friends visit you, they are going to admire your choice of apartment!

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