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Our wide range of serviced apartments in Frankfurt will allow you to spend a carefree business trip

Your boss just told you about the new project coming up in Frankfurt. Well, he wants you to move there and start working. This appears to be a 6-month project and you don’t have much time to plan details. You are expected to join office next week.

The first thought that runs through your mind is about the stay. You are thinking about staying in a hotel till you get a house. But the recent news about exorbitant hotel prices gives you a sinking feeling. What is the other alternative?

Not to worry, City-Living.de offers stay in Frankfurt by way of rental apartments. City-Living offers commission-free rental of serviced apartments in Frankfurt am Main and that too at reasonable prices. Here serviced means the apartments are fully equipped with furniture, beds and kitchen stuff. These apartments are pretty comfortable and offered on a short-term basis. They are located in decent neighbourhoods so accommodating your family is also fine. The serviced apartments are located in Nordend,West End, downtown and in Bornheim. These apartments are centrally located and one need not to worry about moving to and fro as public transportation is very good all over Germany.

Yes, we understand you are visiting Frankfurt for the first time. The company accommodation is very expensive and you might have to shell out money from your own pocket. You might lose your mind because you are new to the city and we don’t want that. Leave your stay to us and we will find the best place for you.

Another positive aspect of our serviced apartments is that they are located in the city centre giving you the advantage of moving around without a car and getting stuck in traffic. As mentioned above the kitchen is well equipped i.e. it has a stove, refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, electric kettle and a complete household. The living room has a TV, stereo and DVD - player.

Don’t even think about taking your furniture along with you. Just pack your clothes and plan the move. City-Living has fully furnished apartments so you don’t have to think about buying anything. Did we also mention that family members are welcome here as each apartment has multiple rooms?

So why wait? Invite your friends over and show them your full equipped serviced apartment. Maybe they will plan a move to Frankfurt too!

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