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We will help you finding a place where to stay in Frankfurt in Germany

Planning to visit Frankfurt, Germany? Don`t know where to stay? Can`t afford to stay in a hotel? Stop worrying! City-Living offers rentals in Frankfurt at affordable prices and that too commission-free!

City-Living’s rentals are the best in Frankfurt as they take care of your business and personal needs.

When we say business needs, we mean that they are closer to the railway station for travel purpose and near to the business areas. Taking care of personal needs include a furnished apartment where you don’t need to buy anything at all. That means all rooms have furniture and the kitchen is fully equipped.

City-Living has its own website where one can book rooms. Just log on to www.apartment-2-rent.com and the screen will be filled with information and pictures of flat rentals.

City-Living also offers furnished flats in Frankfurt for folks who stay for longer or unknown period. Sometimes a business trip gets extended or just that a family member is joining from abroad.

City-Living.de is making its presence felt on the web and the real world due to its beautifully furnished flats and commission free living. City-Living offers everything from modern studio apartments to luxurious 2-bedroom flats and these rentals are fully equipped and ready to move in. These rental flats are located in different parts of the city like Northend, Bornheim, Westend and downtown which are considered to be safe and decent for individuals as well as families.

For instance, you are planning to stay in the area of Bornheim as your new job is based in that particular neighborhood. Well, it is almost as if City-Living has read your mind! They have furnished rentals where you have a luxurious feeling.

The exact location of the Bornheim rental is the Freiligrathstraße in a very popular residential neighbourhood inFrankfurt. The rental flat has furnished two-room apartments that are equipped with high-quality materials like granite and parquet. The rental flat has an individual balcony or terrace that is oriented towards the garden at the south/west. In addition there are large floor-high windows, built-in spots and the modern furniture give a great and homely feeling. As if this was not enough, there is a well-equipped kitchen with a dishwasher, microwave, washing machine, dryer and satellite equipment.

Another great advantage renting the Bornheim rental is the proximity of the shopping- and strolling promenade Berger Straße. The street boasts of multi-cuisine restaurants, bistros and street cafés. Don’t forget to shop at the popular market - Kleines Uhrtürmchen which is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The best part of this market is that it is in walking distance of the Bornheim flat.

Visit City-Living.de’s website regularly as flats get filled up very fast. If you have a particular flat in mind in Frankfurt, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our email is: info@city-living.de

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