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Whenever an individual decides to move to another city or a country, maybe for job or personal reasons, the first place they look out for is a hotel. But as we all know that is an expensive proposition. Some folks also start looking to buy property in Frankfurt and approach real estate management. Not a very good idea. Till you make up your mind about your stay, short or long, the best solution is to rent an apartment and move in. We are focusing here on moving in Frankfurt am Main and renting an apartment here.

City-Living is into the flat rental business. City-Living.de offers furnished flats at reasonable rents. City-Living prides on the fact that it does not charge any commission.

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 Advantages offered by City-Living when rent a flat in Frankfurt

  • A rented apartment for living temporarily solves the problem of money and stay
  • With property and real estate prices shooting up, a rented flat makes sense
  • City-Living offers short and long term rental apartments that are fully furnished
  • These furnished apartments are located in popular areas. In case you prefer a luxurious flat, your best bet are areas like Nordend, Westend, Bornheim and Downtown areas
  • City-Living’s furnished flats are near shopping districts so shopping is not a hassle at all
  • City-Living’s property are located in the centre of Frankfurt and have good transportation modes

 City-Living answers client queries

I would like to rent an apartment in Frankfurt. How can I choose one?

Just log on to www.city-living.de and look at the list of apartments. The website has a catalogue of all furnished apartments. The list shows 1, 2 and 3 room apartments and spacious luxury residences in Frankfurt am Main. What you choose is totally at your call. We at City-Living understand that you might need a corporate flat for your business needs or a furnished apartment for family needs.

Let me know if there are any hidden costs.

Of course not, we are unlike any real estate management or property dealers who do not disclose hidden costs up front. Everything at City-Living is transparent. All costs are included in the rent. Once you decide to book a flat online, we will send you all formalities to be complied with. Filling in forms are a piece of cake and so are all other formalities.

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