Are you looking to rent a flat in Frankfurt? We can help!

These days all big cities offer apartments for rent. A furnished flat in cities like Frankfurt can be rented from one night to several months. For e.g. if you are planning a 3-month business trip to Frankfurt, consider renting a furnished flat.

Furnished apartments are usually located in the city centre, allowing you to be mobile without a car. They are fully furnished and usually very well equipped. The kitchen has a stove, refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, electric kettle and a complete household.
The living room is equipped with TV, stereo and DVD recorder.
Of course, there are hotels that will fulfil the need of your stay however, for a longer stay; it is advantageous to rent an accommodation. Furnished flats have a pleasant private atmosphere with a personal touch.

Apartments tend to have an international standard. You can leave your personal belongings here and enjoy the sightseeing for longer hours. Especially during exhibitions City-Living´s furnished apartments are usually not very expensive. Another advantage is that City-Living offers you commission-free rental of furnished apartments in Frankfurt/Main.

There are several reasons for renting an apartment in Frankfurt . The most common is corporate housing for business people who stay for a limited period in Frankfurt.

Furnished living rooms have the advantage of accommodating family members as well. Friends and acquaintances are welcome here. Furnished apartments are usually fully furnished and equipped with a complete household, from bed linen and towels to cooking utensils. Having a well-equipped kitchen that offers cooking facility and saves on food is a big plus! Home cooked food keeps you healthy!

Most flats are moderate in size thus allowing you to work from there.

The accommodations are located in the popular districts of Frankfurt like the Westend, Bornheim, Downtown and Nordend, which offer numerous opportunities for shopping and nightlife. The popular residential area Nordend is marked by the magnificent and elaborate building facades of the Gründerzeit. Restaurants offering international cuisine, leisure cafés and a variety of bars and pubs maintain a perfect balance to a stressful working day. The connections to public transport are very good from here so it does not matter if you do not have your own car.
Do not forget to visit the beautiful "Von-Bethmann-Park" with its Chinese garden, if you plan to stay at our Nordend accommodation.