To Frankfurt

Nowadays mobility and flexibility are the key factors for professional success.
Therefore even more people nowadays are working for a limited period of time in another city. This is also the reason why more and more people are coming to frankfurt and rent serviced apartments, as this way of living is getting more and more popular. The perfect alternative for people with high demands.

City - Living offers serviced apartments for business travellers coming to frankfurt in different sizes and standards. You can find more information and pictures of our furnished flats and apartments on our homepage. The furnished flats of City - Living, stand for modern temporary living.

Stylish interior, comfortable equipment, important household appliances up to iron an ironing board result in an inventory, similar to the one at home.
You can move in bringing your personal belongings and feel at home from the first day on.

Take advantage of our flats with private ambience and our outstanding price-performance ratio, like many of our tenants did before.